[dialogue from the movie "Superfly"]
Look Eddie
This is a chance, and I wanna take it
Now... before I have to kill somebody
Before somebody ices me
Are you with me Eddie?
Niggaz always claim they've got confedi
But too many niggaz wanna hop out, before they ready
Get they hand on a block of dough, try to live like Frank Nitty
Play it broke until you get out the game, cause the shit gets heavy
Zo No in the bucket with hoe chicken not made bucks yet
Nigga couldn't meet me in my spot so I say fuck it
Them niggaz don't stick to the program, no white folks hang on Beemer
From O-Z's to keys, now ain't no time to change em
See that's why niggaz fuck up, chakra made em money
and they stopped makin money, ain't got shit to do with cut
Go from twenty G's grind for the week with no expenses
Til ya splurge and put your biz up in the streets, a nigga snitches
Now them bitches lookin at you shitty and, you done attracted
every beggin bitch up in the fuckin city, it's a pity
With you, honey used to spend a week, jumped up
A few G's, since she wanna fuckin play gold dig
They never knew you had that much grip, now you got
every clown in the city tryin to peep out your shit
Start splurgin 'fore they time up real dummies they smoked
But that's the main two reasons why niggaz go broke
Main most of these niggaz need to slow they roll
Claimin balla but they never played the game befo'
Too many niggaz hindsight, wide right, doin what ya cain't
Suicide my eyes wide-eyed, bein what you ain't
Why so many motherfuckers claim they movin that weight
but wouldn't even know a dime if it shit in they face?
So why pussy ass niggaz flashin Benz car keys
showin ass but they barely even seein O-Z's?
And got the whole neighborhood thinkin they ship keys
And them makin hoes thinkin that they really OG's
But boy if you only knew, you shouldn't be
somethin that you never been, bitch niggaz ain't veterans
I'm tellin them, lay it low til on the way out or
end up a dead motherfucker with your dick in your mouth
Cause when the shit gets heavy, to you it's like a movie
that's scary and real, niggaz let the pistol play Freddy, confedi
[Young Bleed]
Uhh, seldom seem in the platinum dream, hustlin for cream
By any means necessary, top it off with a cherry
For every nigga that know, it comes natural, don't rush your life
away playa potnah stack up your cashflow and take your walk
a day at a time, from a nickel to a dime
Smokin weed drinkin wine, keepin it on my mind
A blind fury as a shine, jewelry flashin
Niggaz playa hate cause bitches love it with a passion
but fuck em though; I live untouchable, a hustler high
Tryin to make it out the game like Superfly
Livin do or die, and I'm on it 'fore I bail out the do'
Ask my hoes before I go; you want a blow? Smoke somethin
Ain't no future in your frontin my naigga
Gotta get the ground beneath your feet first potnah
And take it how it come, and play it like it go if you ready
And let em know you all about your 'fedi nigga huh?
Hear me say what...
New Chorus:
Hoes up on the dick, cause you're drivin Lexus
But where all the bitches was, before you was flexin
He's a money hungry nigga to have, B-L-E-S-S-E-D
But the white folks'll have your ass dreamin bout the street
[Lee Tyme]
I see, most nigga shit cream
Them hoes know, when they gets caught by the team, believe me
they get hotter than that, your stack will scream
once The Man gets to diggin on 'fedi
You spend it so lavishly, obviously you ain't recognize
that them laws do have eyes
And what you do attract, is like dick to cat
Before you know, they'll be pullin burglar boys off the door
The Caddy, whose gonna ride inside? Well not you
Your folks had to slang em, bank em
on another appeal, nigga these streets is real
You reminiscin, do you still get a thrill?
I tell you it'll fail you every time, these material things
Get your pride up, got these fools thinkin they kings
And your punk ass team can't help, or will they?
Because you didn't choose wisely
Hey, look playa -- you wanna be rich?
Well the key to bein rich is paisleys
Oh yeah but you gotta make sure you make progress daily
But if your mind ain't right, get your fuckin mind right

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