So you say you got the fever for the yellow flavor
Soliciting sexual favors from so-called Oriental chicks
You wanna gangbang and once you jimmypop
Ya just can't stop

But uh
Your rhymes far from butter
I parlay
Park that pale parkay
In the frigerator
And suffocate
Like the way you masturbate
Face down on your bed
Images of geisha girls dancing in your heads
Your hand five fans fanning flames of fantasies fucking
Your own brains out
Under the pillow you left your mind
And the record company playing brainfairy didn't leave no dime
So you broke and played out

Yet you wanna rap with suburban savior faire
Struttin on stage grabbin at balls that aren't there
You need to collect welfare for those lyrics
Making asian women into objects then puttin em on your wetdream wishlist
Tried to flow but you just trickled so I had to put a cork up in that shit
Get a tourniquet, jimmy pop, you just might need it


Calling asian women chinky slopes while you home alone
Excuse me bloodhound gang, but I detect masturbatory overtones
Just mad cuz you got dissed by some Asian guy at Bally's
So you fantasize about Asian women pressing sheets that you can wear to the Klan rally
It's a marvel that you can travel to the top of the charts with this
But sometimes amateurs fake it as artists
Puttin racism up in the worst repulsive verses
Fattin up your purse from the controversy
Oh mercy mercy me

(smaple- marvin gaye sings: oh mercy mercy me)

See me and my nation have heart from the true school
But your weak ass lyrics sound straight outta preschool
Chase your bloodhound back to dog school, poodle class
Cuz you shit on/my nation's lawn
And didn't even wipe your ass
Won't even call you my son, bastard
You can't last and your time is (tick tick) past

And as KRS-One would say you're wick-wick- WACK
With your pale bloated asses and hair on your back
Talent lacks so you relied on racism for false facts
Exploiting our people on your lackluster track
BHG need to break out like MSG
You fancy yourselves descendents of Ice-T
But more likely
You five busters resemble the Spice Girls, wannabe
(if you wanna be my lover)

What kinda rhymes you got? I've dropped better shit in my crapper
Sound like you learned how to flow from Parapper the rapper
So turn the playstation off cuz my asian nation ain't playin
It's the dragon you and yours created that I'm slayin
She ain't your sex-slave-your-best-lay-the-salve-for-your-numb-nuts
Your fans say they're not racist cuz they got an Asian spouse
And you claim to be un-pc rebels while living in the same racist house
That your forefathers built to keep a lock on they clout

Think you can knock us out with your semen bloated history text
Think you can block us out by slapping y'alls little dicks on our necks
With your pseudo-rap sex
Asian nudie girl posters all up on your walls
Hah, but what'ychall don't know
If an asian woman DID fuck you, the contraceptive would be a boot to y'alls balls
You diss the sisters, mothers, friends and lovers and think it's cute
But the truth is, yo, yellow fever makes me puke
And now I'm mad,
I want revenge
(JB sample)
And it's your turn to visit the hospit-all
Cuz I strangle yaw
Cut off your air supply cuz you're all out of love
(sing i'm all out of love i'm so lost without you)
Strapped my old fat laces across your neck and pulled
And decapitated y'all bandmates with my razorblade kangol
That's what you get when you try and tangle
With the mango colored fam
It's baseball bat dance bam bam bam
Bloodhound gang, I got your blood on my hands


Bloodhound gang, I got your blood on my hands
What, hah
Somebody say Asian women are not toys
We ain't havin no more of these racist sexist homophobe white boys
Asian women are not sluts
So white boy you can get at deeeese nuh-huh-huts
Aiming my shoe at the crack of your ass
I'm taking our pride and those chinese character tattoos on your arm back
We don't need no water
Cuz it's your house that's burning
(SING What a lovely way to burn)
Bloodhound gang
Burn motherfucka

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