Oh baby,that day you came to me
As everything i'd dreamed you'd be
And more
But you broke my heart
By not even trying to
Understand me
You can't understand me
Instead you acted like a bitch
And blamed it all on me
As if it was all my fault
You've made my eyes bleed
You've made my heart shatter
Deep inside of me
For all this it doesnt even matter anymore
People think im insane
Some think im just weird
Just because the old me disappeared
Im in a mental prison
I won't let me out
Ive been broken into a million pieces
So just get away from me
Im sorry for calling you names
But you cant deny
How you acted towards me
I've lost everything
You dont know how this feels
All the expectations
That i cant live upto
Even if i wanted to
Its everything i dispise in this world
Put together to make my life
How is that for ya
It all has to end tonight
No more feeling down
Im not fooling around
It all has to end tonight

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