Can you hear his battle scream
When he's gone no one will miss
When he dies no one will cry
He reach's for the light
That he cannot behold
His anger is not controlled

Kiss your breath away
You believe in nothing
You reopen your scars
You relive the horrors
They're all on the outside looking in
Wishing you'd just go away
And stop making them act like they care
If you live or die

Dont you wish that you could die
And have everyone in the world bawl
Just for you, you want attention
You make false lies, impared judgements
You believe in nothing, live for nothing
Dont leave this world that you hate
Because shes waiting for you
She watch's the stars at night
The same stars you watch

She'll take your hand and send you flying
Show you love like you never knew
Theres so much more in you
She'll take your broken self
And fix it perfect with just one kiss

Can't live life without a little drama
Cant hide from your own emotion
Cant hate the ones you love
Cant love the ones you hate
Only time will tell, what you really are

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