Pretty baby, come to me, let me be your own
Guiding star
And then maybe, you will see, that you never
Have been that far

So don't be a stranger, just because I am the
One in command
There is no danger, so let me know now where
You stand

Ref: Now I want love
Change my world
You can make it easy
Now I want love
Change my world
You can make it easy

It is obvious, your the kind, you don't want to
Lose your selfcontrol
I'm not modest better tell you now that you've
Become my new goal

Struggle and fighting, one of these days
I'm going to win
There's no denying, I'm prepared to make a sin


There's a fire inside of me, a strong desire that's
Crying for love

So you don't have to prove me that
You are smart right now
No time for deep conversations
I wanna touch every part of you and I know how
Forget your pride and see your inspiration


Walk around in circles talk about action
Could it be you, are you a fake attraction
I don't need someone who will judge my life
Tell me what to do, shut up and be a nice wife

Never in my life have I been in this situation
Wanna heal the world though I lost the destination
Come to me forgive me if I'm cruel
Yet this is my game so I'm making the rules

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