Deep in the jungle drums are played by hand
They're sending a message few would understand
But I do
Cause like in the jungle of emotions people are getting lost
What is right over time
What should you tell me
Deep in the jungle of emotions some things are best unsaid
Hide your past and I stay

Ref: I want to be your number one
Not one in a stupid line
You want to tell me who you are
But baby don't push it too far
I wanna be your number one

I do

Once in my lifetime I'll be standing bride
Once in my lifetime I will say I do to a priest
I wanna wrap my arms around you,
But all the things you've said
Bring me down even though
I'm glad you told me
Something about your past and future
But enough is enough
Now I know what to say

Don't you think we have to work this out
Do you want me to scream and shout


Feeling like a stranger
Want you near
Can we make some change here
No mo fear
I'm feeling like a stranger

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