A musical in three acts by XTC
Cast of characters
GRAHAM, a teenager
MOTHER, a busy housewife
FATHER, a conservative husband
POLICEMAN, a young constable
SCENE: A kitchen in suburbia, one bright Saturday morning
Narrator: The insect-headed worker-wife will hang her waspies on the
Line. Her husband burns his paper, sucks his pipe while studying
Their cushion-floor, his viscous poly-paste breath comes out. Their
Wall-paper world is shattered by his shout. A boy in blue is busy
Banging out a headache on the kitchen door. All the while Graham
Slept on, dreaming of a world where he could do just what he wanted
Mother and Father (in unison): No thugs in our house, are there dear?
We made that clear, we made little Graham promise us he'd be a good

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