С табами

1000 Umbrellas
25 O'clock
Across This Antheap
All of a Sudden (с табами)
All Of A Sudden
All You Pretty Girls
Always Winter But Never Christmas
Am I The Kind Of Girl Who Could Be Your Boyfriend_
Another Satellite
Are You Receiving Me?
Atom Age
Ball & Chain
Ball And Chain (с табами)
Ballet For A Rainy Day
Battery Brides (Andy Paints Brian)
Beating Of Hearts
Big Day
Bike Ride To The Moon
Blame The Weather
Blue Beret
Blue In Paradise
Blue Overall
Boarded Up
Books Are Burning
Brainiacs Daughter
Burning With Optimism's Flames
Buzzcity Talking
Chain Of Command
Chalkhills And Children
Cherry In Your Tree
Church Of Women
Cockpit Dance Mixture
Complicated Game
Countdown To Christmas Party Time
Crowded Room
Cynical Days
Dance Band
Day in Day Out
Dear God (с табами)
Dear God
Dear Madam Barnum
Deliver us From The Elements
Desert Island
Difficult Age
Disque Bleu
Do What You do
Don't Lose Your Temper
Don't You Ever Dare Call Me Chickenhead
Down A Peg
Down In The Cockpit
Earn Enough For us
Easter Theatre
Fly On The Wall
Funk Pop a Roll
Garden of Earthly Delights
Generals And Majors
Great Fire
Hang on to The Night
Happy Families
Have You Seen Jackie?
Here Comes The President Kill Again
Hold me my Daddy
Holly up on Poppy (с табами)
Holly up on Poppy
Human Alchemy
Humble Daisy
I am The Audience
I Bought Myself a Liarbird
I Remember The Sun
I'd Like That
I'm Bugged
I'm The Man Who Murdered Love
In Loving Memory of a Name
Instant Tunes
Jason & The Argonauts
Jumping in Gomorah
King For a Day
Life Begins at The Hop
Life is Good in The Greenhouse
Little Lighthouse
Living in a Haunted Heart
Living Through Another Cuba
Love at First Sight
Love on a Farmboy's Wages
Making Plans For Nigel
Me And The Wind
Meccanic Dancing (oh we Go!)
Merely a Man
Mermaid Smiled
Miniature Sun
My Bird Performs (с табами)
My Bird Performs
My Love Explodes
My Weapon
Neon Shuffle
New Town Animal
No Language in Our Lungs
No Thugs in Our House
One of The Millions
Outside World
Pale And Precious
Paper And Iron (notes And Coins)
Pink Thing
Poor Skeleton Steps Out
Ra Ra For Red Rocking Horse
Radios in Motion
Real by Reel
Reign of Blows
Respectable Street
Roads Girdle The Globe
Rocket From a Bottle
Sacrifical Bonfire
Scarecrow People
Science Friction
Scissor Man
Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her
Season Cycle
Senses Working Overtime (с табами)
Senses Working Overtime
Set Myself on Fire
Sgt Rock (is Going to Help Me)
Shake You Donkey up
She's so Square
Shiny Cage
Smokeless Zone
Spinning Top
Standing In For Joe
Statue of Liberty
Stupidly Happy
Summer's Cauldron
Take This Town
Ten Feet Tall
Thanks For Christmas
That is The Way
That Wave
That's Really Super, Supergirl
The Affiliated
The Ballad of Peter (с табами)
The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
The Disappointed
The Everyday Story of Smalltown
The Good Things
The Loving
The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
The Mayor of Simpleton
The Mayor of Simpleton (с табами)
The Meeting Place
The Mole From The Ministry
The Rhythm
The Smartest Monkeys
The Ugly Underneath
Then She Appeared
Then She Appeared (с табами)
This is Pop?
This World Over
Towers of London
Traffic Light Rock
Train Running Low on Soul Coal
Travels in Nihilon
Vanishing Girl
Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down
Wake Up!
War Dance
What in The World?
When You're Near me i Have Difficulty
Wrapped in Grey
X Wires
You're a Good Man Albert Brown (curse You Red Barr
You're my Drug
You're The Wish You Are i Had
Your Dictionary
Your Gold Dress