С переводом

Bitch Killa
Cemetery Full G's
Consider Me Dead
Dead On Arrival Pt.1
Deadly Game
Deuce (с переводом)
Everybody Killa
Fuckin Wit A Psycho
He Shall Appear
He Shall Appear
Hold On (What's A Thug To Do)
I Got Yo Back
Kicc It 2nite
Kick It 2-Nite
Land Of The Lost
Let It Be Known
Let It Be Known
Liquor, Niggas & Triggas
Lord Have Mercy
Mama's Pride & Joy
Money, Power, Respect
Mortal Kombat
Most Wanted (Who They Wanna Kill)
Post War Syndrome
Retaliation (Coming For Me)
Sac-A-Indo (Where I'm From)
Shoot Cha In A Minute
Spitten Venom
Still Shootin
Still Shooting
Take Flight
That's How My Trigga Went
Trial By Fury (Remix)
Vengeance Is Mine
Wanna Get High_
Whatever It Took
Whatever It Took
White Man Burden
Who But Me
Who But Me
Who Is Y'all Niggas
Witta Mask On
Write What I See