VERSE; You let your mind Run away from you You don't hear Cause you don't listen To the voice within your heart You let the world STOP YOU YOU COLD. VERSE; I can't tell you What you should know But I hate For you to miss life Because you didn't know To hear your heart You let your voice STOP YOU COLD. CHORUS; When you run From your very heart You get tangled From the noise from your mind You will never be happy Where you are Listen-listen Oh, listen to your heart Or you will be stopped cold. STOP YOU COLD. VERSE; It's your life But it's mime too I can't sit by And let the noise Destroy a love That was made for two Don't let the world STOP YOU COLD. CHORUS; Repeat BRIDGE; Your mind is ego God knows your heart Fear will STOP YOU COLD CHORUS; Repeat STOP YOU COLD STOP YOU COLD STOP YOU COLD.

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