VERSE; I lookd in the day light Beyond a Figus tree I noticed a tiny feathured creature If he could only see How lucky he ws MIGHTY SPARROW MIGHTY SPARROW Flying here and there free CHORUS; You see that's the way To be, to do, to see From the wings of a MIGHTY SPARROW That's how mighty we are Just a simple fellow That's knows how things are MIGHTY SPARROW MIGHTY SPARROW Not afraid to be what he's to be VERSE; That's how I see How this world could be We're much greater than we think we are If we only knew What God planned us to be Like the MIGHTY SPARROW MIGHTY SPARROW Flying from tree to tree CHORUS; Repeat BRIDGE; From the wings od a MIGHTY SPARROW That's what we are VERSE; I watched this little fellow Fluff and shake his wings, Preen his brown feathers The uniqueness nature gave The ability to be What he was intended Oh, MIGHTY SPARROW MIGHTY SPARROW of great simplicity CHORUS; Repeat copyrighted material PAU2-364-426 11-30-1998

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