BRIDGE; FROM A PATIO VIEW Realizing It's only a view When I'm without you VERSE; FROM A PATIO VIEW I watched the flood lights That fill the night It's lonely here When I think about you I sit back with teary eyes In my easy chair Wishing you were here tonight VERSE; FROM A PATIO VIEW It's like a dream That finally came true It's a beautiful sight But I don't have you Just sounding jets Passing by in the night Beyond the high rise CHORUS; FROM A PATIO VIEW Sounds faster than sight A roar between soft clouds As I gaze into the night How I wish you were here To furfill my life Oh, how I wish you were here To complete me to toinght Verse; FROM A PATIO VIEW It's happy and sad As the memories flash Brighter than lights The jets remeind me How you just left my life My memory lingers While jets pass through the night CHORUS; REPEAT BRIDGE; REPEAT..............COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL PAU2-334-354 DATED; 7-29-1998

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