С табами

1,000,000 Miles Away
13 Years Of Grief
Ain't Life Grand
All For You
America The Beautiful
Battering Ram
Beneath The Tree
Between Heaven And Hell (с табами)
Black Pearl
Blackened Waters
Bleed For Me
Blood In The Well
Bored To Tears
Born To Lose
Bridge To Cross
Bullet Inside Your Head
Come Together
Counterfeit God
Crazy Or High
Cry Me A River
Damage Is Done
Dead As Yesterday
Dead Meadow
Demise Of Sanity
Destruction Overdrive
Doomsday Jesus
Evil Ways
Fadin' Away
Final Solution
Found A Friend
Funeral Bell
Genocide Junkies
Graveyard Disciples
Harvester Of Pain
Hate Your Guts
Heart Of Gold
Hey You (Batch Of Lies)
Horse Called War
House Of Doom
I Thank You Child
In My Time Of Dying
Just Killing Time
Like A Bird
Lords Of Destruction
Losin' Your Mind
Lost Heaven
Lost My Better Half
Love Reign Down
Lovin' Woman
Low Down
Machine Gun Man
Mass Murder Machine
Mother Mary
No More Tears
No Other
Once More
Peddlers Of Death
Peddlers Of Death (Acoustic Version)
Phoney Smiles & Fake Hellos
Queen Of Sorrow
Refuse To Bow Down
Road Back Home
Road Back Home (с табами)
She Deserves A Free Ride
Shine On
Sold My Soul
Spoke In The Wheel
Steppin' Stone
Stoned & Drunk
Stronger Than Death
Suffering Overdue
Sweet Jesus
Takillya (Estyabon
The Beginning...At Last
The Beginning...At Last (Acoustic)
The Blessed Hellride
The Chosen One
The Color Green
The Hammer & The Nail
The Rose Petalled Garden
The Things You do (с табами)
The Things You Do
The Wizard
Throwin' It All Away
Toe'n The Line
Too Numb To Cry
Torn & Tattered
Troubled Wine
Way Beyond Empty (с табами)
Way Beyond Empty
We Live No More
What You're Look'n For
What Youre Lookin For (с табами)
Whiter Shade Of Pale (Procol Harum Cover)
Woman Don't Cry
Won't Find It Here
World Of Trouble
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow