Across The Nation- Raw Theme
Ain't No Stoppin' Me
All Grown Up- Stephanie Mcmahon
Ass Man- Billy Gunn
Bad Man- Rikishi
Be Yourself by Audioslave
Big Red Machine- Kane
Big- Big Show
Break Down The Walls(Anthology Version)
Break Down The Walls(Full Version)
Breaking Point(Rob Van Dam)
Can You Dig It_- Booker T(Anthology Version)
Come On!- Sean O'haire
Crossing Borders- Rey Mysterio On Originals
D-Generation X
Danger At The Door- D'lo Brown
Disturbed(Glass Shatters)- 4th Stone Cold Theme
Disturbed, With Words- Stone Cold
Edge's Theme Song
Hell Yeah!- Stone Cold
Hoshal- Maven
I Won't Stop- Gangrel
It Just Feels Right- Lita
John Cena - My Time Is Now
Know Your Role- The Rock & Method Man
Line In The Sand
Live For The Moment(WWE Version - Matt Hardy's The
Rise Up
The Game
Trish Stratus Theme- Keys To The City
Untouchable- John Cena
Wreck- Mankind
X-Factor= X-Pac
You Ain't Hard(New Age Outlaws Theme)