I've got the music in my head and it's hurting real bad.
"it's that punk rock noise" is what my mother said.
It's not the music, it's the lack of movement.
Well, that's the theory and now it's time to prove it.
There are no politics, just a bunch of dumb young nihilists,
breaking shit in the streets and acting like idiots.
The opportunists pass themselves off as communists,
so selfish in their wealth, as they preach their own rhetoric.
I know it's all been said but my blood is boiling red
and the racing in my heart makes me wish that I was dead.
This is my passion , and it's compassion,
for all living things that are in need of a reaction,
no need to buy it, we just gotta try,
cause if there's no movement then there is no point to riot,
if you have a question about this lesson then meet me after class
and we'll discuss the fore mentioned.

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