I hear you speak but I can't believe the things you say.
You praise the war machines
and then you ask us to pray for peace and for the deceased.
Bow our heads and ask them for our freedom that they died for.
And you speak of freedom like it's so honorable
to die for an ideology that prices life less than oil.
So now it's an honor to die to spread Americanism through out the world?
To paint the street with liquor stores,
gun shops, Mc Donald's and Disney world.
Well that boy died in vain.
At the hands of a country that hates him.
Under a religion that tricked him.
Remember that on Memorial Day.
That little boy at the parade watches the band march
by playing the American anthem.
He waves his flag so proud
because that's what the system has taught him.
One day he'll go to work over educated
and under paid by a corporation that hates him.
That's what they fought for,
that's what they died for remember that on Memorial Day.

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