Have you ever been to Love Street
Have you ever tried on all the shoes
They're for walking on the clouds with
And not for down here in the blues
Y'know dreams come true on Love Street too
Smile you're in this place

I was walking with the lonely
Before you came into my heart
Showed me round your Love Street
Took me naked from the dark

Well you're touching my soul
Don't let me go
You're calling out to me
I'm turning to gold
Beginning to flow
Somebody set me free
Until now my mind was blank
And there was nothing there and the
The white lady (the white lady, the white lady)
She won't come my way (won't come my way)
You say close your eyes
(Close your eyes
Close your eyes
Close your eyes)
And walk down that street in your mind
Oh it's some place so fine (some place so fine)
Y'know really drives me out of my mind
How could it be?
That I'm walking down Love Street baby
Walking down Love Street

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