If we walk through each other
As we leave the room
You don't have to tell me that it's over
Whoever you were then
I never really knew
And you got no need to know me now

You can't see the bottom frome top
You don't see the edge before you drop
And I fell back alone
And I fell back alone
And I fell

Is love trying all the right moves
To stop the walls from coming up
But I can't look over this at all
I'm in some different place
Strangest pictures on my wall
I drew them yesterday
I never thought I'd find the time at all


Forever doesn't mean forever
It just means maybe some other time or place
But how can two souls still eat together
When life has lost its taste

How can we live together
In bed and face to face
And not see anyone at all
It's time to make a wish
And let it float on down the stream
And we can cry a little
For a time that could have been

Live it all my love
Live it well my love
Live it long my love
Live it all my love


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