she was waiting in the bed for him
took a shed up her arms
she hadn't felt that damn good
since she had lovin' on

well everybody in the city
where nothings for free
you can what you want
and forgot what she needs

that girl ain't ever been so easy
on the corner looking nice and sleazy
then up walks mister greazy
his erection needs affection
just a ticket to her next injection
well that's all I could say

sweet melissa how I've missed ya'
and the sweet summer nights that kissed ya'
lately time's gettin' so hard to find
I just want you to know that I missed ya'
well that's all I could say

she put her money where her mouth is
that just the way that life goes
she put her money where her mouth is
cause she knows, she knows
that it goes

it's always black or white never in the middle
it's either hot or cold come keep me warm
it's either day or night it's gonna be alright
just as long as gets me through the storm
and life goes on

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