Horrific in its majesty, Athwart the temples
of earth, "How mighty shall you stand ?"
long after the screams have died.
Misery hold high its steel, Quenched in the
blood of many. A revelation to the forlorn,
conquering winds have whispered of the
weaker race, Banished in the holocaust
Infinite begins the second reign, and petrified
tears have shed, Look from the agony at hand
Yours is the darkest fate.
I've gazed upon their suffering
in my minds eyes obscure
A crumpled fortress not to desire

Expulsion of futility
With torture to endure
Exact upon the fury of ages

Crawl from the loam which you lie,
Submission holds its new form, tyranny
In an era of black, Lurk with a menace
untold. Sacrosanctity prevails all men.

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