Beyond the Mystifying glow
They ride for the power
Clouded in this profane rapture
For the last of the glory of humanity
Can we rule this fury?
By the dominion of tomorrow I close
My eyes, the hordes have come to free us
Speak to me thy name, Sinisieris, he
Unsheathed the glory of his wand
Their plea is silenced forevermore
Horned in this dark infinity, a shadow at
the caverns aflame.
They ravage the stone upon which they
Sleep, Neo-Devils forces unleashed, they greet
Our existence, drain into thee
Across the hills trample silver paths
The 61st beast once knew the power
With cloak and fire our new sorcerer
Breathed forth, the many faced spirit
Lunged from the altar. A dominion under
Eternity's reign. Deep waters of Magon swell
With no inferior flame, Torches once burned bright
Nightfall ceased the vision, Ruins in the unsilent,
Plains. The crowned entity pounds his mighty
winds. We clash like the raping of angels
Speak to me thy name, Sinisteris
He unsheathed the glory of his wand.

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