The wind was howling
Dogs were sleeping
I had to bite my tongue.
Looking down the street
I was hanging on
Eighty floors above the ground
Suffering vertigo.
Got me a date with a drug store blond
With a cure I know
She picks me up when I’m coming down.

Kicks on the street
It’s a shot in the arm.
Get your kicks on the street
Can’t do any harm.

Can’t put me on a drip feed
Under state control.
I put a razor to my face
And the steel is cold.
It ain’t going to take me too long before I get revived.
I’m traveling incognito
Don’t want to be identified.
They dress you up
They strip you down.

Ain’t going to find me falling asleep behind the driver’s wheel.
You get me intoxicated
That’s the way I feel.
I can’t break the ice
Shrinks in the heat
Falling like an acrobat and landing on my feet.
She picks me up when I’m coming down.

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