If I don't get you in this life
I'll get you in the next one
I love you as much as anyone I love
Though we're only flesh and blood
I hope I'm not a dog or maybe a monkey
And I hope you'll never forget your promise to me

You said that you're a firesign
Who's spirit fire never dies

Walking forward
Stumbling on this twisted road
The Queen of words thinks she'll use her magic
Make me into a toad
The rain was falling, black cat stalking warning me
Lightning cracks and gooseflesh - what's this power I can see?

You're the firesign
How do you do

Now that we didn't meet for a while
I'll be your favorite boy
If you'll be my favorite smile
You'll never know who's the best in bed
When you're dead in heaven or hell it'll be me who
Creeps up and says "Hello"

You're the firesign
Who's spirit fire never dies

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