Early this morning
I heard you knock upon my door
I said, "Hello, Satan -
I believe it's time to go"

Me and the devil
We were walking side by side
I'm gonna love your woman, Satan
Till I'm satisfied

She said, "You may know your ways
But I've been dogged around"
"You may know your ways
But I can hear you come to dog me around"
Must be that evil spirit
Way deep down in the ground

We'll bury my body
Down by the highway-side
That way my evil spirit
Can rise up, take a Greyhound bus and ride

(--> Heaven)

Everyone's tryin'
To get to the bar
The name of the bar
The bar is called Heaven
In Heaven the band plays
Our favorite song
They play it one more time
They play it all night long

Oh! Heaven
It is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens

And there is a party
Everyone is there
Everybody gonna leave at exactly the same time
Its hard to imagine
That nothin' at all
Could be so exciting


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