Ain't Gonna Cry No More
Ain't no Love in The Heart of The City
Aint no Love (с табами)
All In The Name Of Love
All Or Nothing
Anything You Want
Bad Boys
Behind The Smile
Belgian Tom's Hat Trick
Black & Blue
Bloody Luxury
Bloody Mary
Can't Go On
Can't Stop Now
Carry Your Load
Cheap An' Nasty
Child Of Babylon
Children of The Night
Come An' Get It
Crying in The Rain (с табами)
Crying in The Rain
Dancing Girls
Day Tripper
Don't Break my Heart Again
Don't Fade Away
Don't Mess With Me
Don't Turn Away
Fool For Your Loving
Fool For Your Loving (с табами)
Free Flight
Give me All Your Love
Give Me More Time
Guilty Of Love
Help Me Thro' The Day
Here i go Again (с табами)
Here I Go Again
Here i go Again 1987
Hit An' Run
Hot Stuff
Hungry For Love
Is This Love
Is This Love (с табами)
Judgement Day
Judgment Day
Keep On Giving Me Love
Kitten's Got Claws
Lie Down
Lie Down (a Modern Love Song)
Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
Lonely Dayslonely Nights
Long Way From Home
Looking For Love
Love Ain't No Stranger
Love Aint no Stranger (с табами)
Love An' Affection
Love Man
Love To Keep You Warm
Mean Business
Medicine Man
Might Just Take Your Life
Money To Burn
Now You're Gone
Only My Soul
Queen Of Hearts
Ready An' Willing
Restless Heart
Sailing Ships (с переводом)
Slide it in (с табами)
Slip of The Tongue
Slow an Easy (с табами)
Slow An' Easy
Slow Poke Music
Soldier Of Fortune
Spit It Out
Standing In The Shadow
Still of The Night
Still of The Night (с табами)
Straight For The Heart
Sweet Cherry Pie
Take Me With You
The Deeper The Love
Till The Day I Die
Too Many Tears
We Wish You Well
Wine, Women An' Song
Wings of The Storm
Would I Lie To You
You're Gonna Break my Heart Again
You're So Fine