(Aah, yirr
Yearh, man
Wooh, yo
This rules everything man)

What don't hurt ya
Will only make you stronger
In this game you gotta have heart
This hustle will brake you down
Pull you apart

[Mack 10]
Homie, the same thing make you laugh, make you cry
And in the fastlane the strong survive and the weak die
Thats the way the ball bounce and I often wonder why
But I needs it all
And not just a piece o' the pie
I used to hope and wish for everything I couldn't buy
I was a young ghetto-boy that grew up in the eye
So I bowed to be a hustler and reach for the sky
And not only a'm I ballin'
Right now is mo' ta'

[Ice Cube]
It's like a jungle sometime
You gotta hustle sometime
You gotta use your mind, mouth and your muscle sometime
You gotta grind
Stop looking for a savier
Use what the fuck I gave yA (flavour)
I'm in the gutter-lane
Whit the gutter-mouth tryin' to get out the gutter
For my life sputter-out
If I was right and called my mamma a bitch
It wouldn't have took me this to to get this rich (I know)

[Chorus x2]

I was raised
The young nigga in scwabble
In the city o' locs
No hope or rolemodels
The black sheap o' the family destent to feel
Preticted to spend my hole life in a jail-cell
Fucked up and not believein the hype
I know I would be more then a fellen
I zoomed up and see the light
Nigga, got my mind right
Nigga, got my grind tight
Now a niggar is gettin' paid to
Skip skip through the lime-light

[Mack 10]
See, we all got problems
But some need addressin'
And so at night I hit my knees and thank him for my blessings
And ask him for forgiveness to minimize my stress
Nigga, continue to know how to dodge this Smith & Wesson
And with his help I will perform in my best
And it's still hard with all this temptation and testin'
If I'm wrong
I Just accept it as a lesson
As I conquer all my enemies
And mashing with agression, Lord

[Chorus x2]

[Ice Cube]
Ain't never been shoot like 50 Cent or 2Pac
Cuz' 2 shots is too many
Too hot to go in me
I'd rather sip remmy
In the back of this Bentley
And only fuck with niggars and you bitches that's friendly
Dont forget what's up in me
Fuck with my pennГѓВ©
I pull out the semmГѓВ©
Put hoe's up in Timmy
Just fuck it - it's Babylon
And nigga might have a bomb
Just like the Taliban
But I on never ?lan?

I sit alone I my fo' corner room
Loaded ammo
Cuz' in these streets like there's a gamble
And Run-DMC, times is getting harder
So i'm taking of my golf hat and kneelin' to the altar
Old nigga say to young killers awaked you
But when you got it
Only few homies stay true
This game's like russian roulette
We hustle to death
Mash for weather
Make the devil marker for chedder

[Chorus x2]

[Ice Cube]
You know what i'm saying
You take what you got
I take what i got
You motherfuckers got everything and your still complaining
You motherfuckers got everything and you still ain't happy
It's you're world MOTHERFUCKER!

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