Among The Dead
Beyond Forgiveness
Crush The Disbeliever
Curse Of The Sabbath
Damned To Extinction
Dawn Of The Cadaver Ghoul
Defy The Dark
Devastation Of Silent Resistance
Drowned In Blackness
Fear The Reaper (Gold And Dying World, Pt.
Funeral Rites
Imposters For All Times
Infernal Tempest
Inmates Of The Fire
Mankind's Darkest Day
Masters Of Fatalism
Predictions Of Doom
The Capacity Of Tragic
The Claw Of Religion
The Conqueror Worm
The Demons' Breed (Originators Of The Apocalypse)
The Grave Hill
The Horror
The Realm Of Torment
The Shape Of The Enemy
The Tempter Of Destruction
The Thorn Of Damnation
The Void Inside The Darkness
The Winter Of Our Discontent
This Graveyard Earth
Towards The Temples Of Randharh
Under The Wings Of The Cross