Soldier punches the code opens the airlock with ease
Sealing himself from the world turning computerised keys
Nuclear missile a top secret course a target no one will know
Climbs down the ladder a cold iron rail

Watching the clock on the wall ticking the seconds away
Reading emergency codes reads the same ones every day
Checking his firearm to see if its loaded it is but what the hell for
Nothing and no-one under the sun could ever get thru that door

Guardian of the great war machines keeper of pain destroyer of dreams
Watching the screens silently screams

There's someone else in here with him now he feel's he's no longer alone
Although no one's able to get in but him "I swear I just heard someone moan"
The smell of a burning jungle now is starting to fill up the room
You recognize the figure of the captain now
A shambling shadow of doom
You fought together in the forests and fields and fields only one of
You made it to the hill
His voice is like dirt and dead rotting leaves "this is not a drill"

Pull the trigger push the button
Flip the switch it's all or nothing
Light the fuse pull the lever
Set the snare it's now or never

Send the bastard up get moving now I order you to start the war
We will be the spark that sets the world ablaze mankind is on the edge no more

Leaning over his shoulder the casualty stares thru black holes
Watching the video screens vengeance burns hot thru it's soul
Starting the sequence by punching the code the password is just one word-burn
Time to abort is fading so fast from now on there is no return

Rumblings started below shaking the base to the core
Smoking the missile is ready to start the procession of war
Holding the gun to his own throbbing head his hands find it hard to keep still
Looks his dead friend in the eye and screams "you bastard this is not a drill"

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