see you round for the last time
first time in a different light
found the time to ask myself
is this vision right
when we met three years ago
I thought you were so cool
I could sense that hidden power
power to lead the human race
turn off your old transistor
you've had your chance now mister
you've gone and sold your soul to fame
the cards are on the table now
your luck is ending fast
someone else had marked the pack
I guess you know it wouldn't last
high up your pedestal
you thought you really had it sussed
a pillar of society
don't you know that power corrupts (absolutely)
and now's the time you're gonna fall, watch you fall
you were such a nervous guy too dumb to suss it out
you gone and sold your soul for fame
you're safe now in your solitude
a sittin by the pool
your friends are bought your foes in court
a havin broke your rules
tryin to make you see the truth
your blind to reality
wrapped up warm in cotton residue
there's nothign left inside you

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