By Walter Egan

In the rain in Tennessee Friday night remembering what used to be
Many miles and years ago once there was a place and time I used to know
But do we ever really know the life before our eyes

Seems like many lives I've had
Shared with friends and family some good some bad
Memories come visiting
Stirring up emotions deep inside of me
Thinking bout what used to be
And the rain in Tennessee

But if I try I close my eyes
And travel back against the tide
It makes me sad but still I'm glad
For all I've had

Guess I'll never get to see everything I ever wished for you and me
But we cannot command the fates
We must just be thankful for what's on our plates
As we wonder what awaits our life in Tennessee

In Tennessee In Tennessee
Its all we've got just you and me
Let's make the best and
Never rest until we just

Wake up to a sunny morn
When the storm and rainy clouds will all be gone
We will look into our eyes
And with the look we see there we will realise
In the rain we've been baptized here in Tennessee

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