Baile De Los Lo
Band Geek Mafia (The Horn Of Justice)
Brodie Johnson Weekend
Bulletproof (с аккордами)
Cancion De Mala Suerte
Cheap Guy
Closet Monster (с аккордами)
Closet Monster
Cold Shoulder
Construction (с аккордами)
Country Phuck
Dd Don't Like Ska
Delinquent Song (с аккордами)
Delinquent Song
Descendent's Song (I'm Not A Loser)
Dirty Rat (с табами)
Dirty Rat (с аккордами)
Dirty Rats
Dog Pile
Drunk Tank (с аккордами)
Drunk Tank
El Coo Cooi
El Cool Cooi (с аккордами)
El Mas Chingon
Empty Bottles
Ethnic Cleansing Day
Fat Randy
Feliz Navidad (с аккордами)
Give in
Give Me Someone I Can Trust (с аккордами)
Give Me Someone I Can Trust
Here We Are Again
High Society
Hit A Guy With Glasses
Human PiñAta
Human Pinata
Insuburdanation (с аккордами)
Jive Psycho
Jocks From Hell (с аккордами)
Jocks From Hell
La Llorona
Land Of Misfit Toys (с аккордами)
Land Of Misfit Toys
Left For Dead
Love Letter
Malas Palabras (с аккордами)
Matter Of Time
Method To This Madness (с аккордами)
Method To This Madness
Motel 6
Mr. Bossman
My Soul Is Sick
Nada En La Cabeza
Nazican (с аккордами)
Nicotine Fit
No Where Left To Go
On The Attack
OrlandoÂ?‚¬?„?s Not Here
Revenge of The Nerds
San Bernardino
Say Goodnight
Shoot The Moon
Shoot The Moon (с аккордами)
Steady As She Goes (с аккордами)
Steady As She Goes
Stranded In The Jungle
Tell The People
The Clash (Should I Stay Or Should I Go_)
The Devil Made Me Do It
The Drop In
The Kids Will Have to Pay (с табами)
The Kids Will Have To Pay
The Last Party
They Always Come Back
This Ain't No Disco
Thrift Shop Junkie (с аккордами)
Thrift Shop Junkie
Too Many Secrets
Trouble Walking (с аккордами)
Trouble Walking
Ugly Stick
Voodoo Anthem
Walkin' Frustration
Wife And Kid
You Don't Have A Clue
You're The Problem
Youre The Problem (с аккордами)