Close your eyes
And let the starry night
Touch your fingertips
Like butterflies in flight
My love
The night is young
I'll be by your side
You can spread your wings
The moon is up
And he will be your guide
The Holy night
Has never been so clear
The beating of my heart
Will tell you I am near
Take to the skies
You shall not fear
A dream is made to come true
Close your eyes
The night will see us all through
And when the wind
It whispers in your ear
Time is on our side
And we can turn the tide
The time is now
The heavens above
Come closer to me
The silver moon
It shines for you my love.
Close your eyes
And all the stars tonight
Will send you down the light
Heavenly butterflies
My love the night is young
Come closer to me
For I'm in your near
The angel of my heart
Is you, my dear.

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