oken hearted on a Wednesday
Think we're leavin' town on Thursday
Cause bombs were droppin down all afternoon
I don't forget to pack my lipgloss
It makes me pretty, while I feel lost
Make room for glossy teeny magazines
Ameriteen, Ameriteen
I really like having a boyfriend
He held me close under the stars and
He kissed me there, how memories don't fade
And now the air is getting heavy
And boys with guns are getting ready
It's time for me to leave this all behind
Ameriteen, Ameriteen
And as the teeth of dogs of war sink in,
I feel this thing unfold
And I wish Bobby would stop by
I know he's gone through his window
And as the smoke of us blows by
I will stand by the window
All is not well in the night
Where is the sunlight that I know?
Broken hearted on a Wednesday
Momma's packin up on Thursday
Cause bombs were droppin' down all afternoon

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