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Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 01:18:15 -0500
From: Sam Stewart
Subject: These Dreams of You by Van Morrison
This file is the author's own work and represents their interpetaion
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Van Morrisson
"These Dreams Of you"
By Sam Stewart
My friend (Dennis) taught me this. Here is the way I play it.
If you play by yourself, I think this fits well. You can
contact me at;
G: 320033 D: x00232
G69: 302033 Em: 02200x
G9: 303033 C: x32010
C#+9: x43020
G/G69/G/G69/G C
I dreamed you paid your dues in Canada
C#+9 D G/G69/G/G69/G
Left me to come through
I headed for the right way
C#+9 D G/G69/G/G69/G
I knew exactly just what to do
I dreamed we played cards in the dark
C#+9 D G/G69/G/G69/G
And you lost and you lied
Wasn't very hard to do
C#+9 D G/G69/G/G69/G
But hurt me deep down inside
C D G/G69/G/G69
Mmmmmm, these dreams of you
C D G/G69/G/G69
So real and so true
C D G/G69/G/G69
These dreams of you
C D G/G69/G9/G69/G
So real So true
My back was up against the wall
And you slowly just walked away
You never really heard my call
When I cried out that way
With my face against the sun
You pointed out for me to go
Then you said I was the one
Had to reap what you did sow
Em D G G69/G/G69
And hush-a-bye, don't ever think about it
Em D G G69/G/G69
Go to sleep don't ever say one word
Em D G Em C D G/G69/G9/G69/G
Close you eyes, you are an angel sent down from above
And Ray Charles was shot down
But he got up to do his best
A crowd of people gathered round
To the question answered "yes"
And you slapped me on face
I turned around the other cheek
you couldn't really stand the pace
And I would never be so meek

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