I AM the suck of air you take that you've had many times before;
I AM the blow of air you fake, but which still throws you out the door;
I AM the air that fills your lungs, but leaves you emptier than below;
I AM the void that you can't explain, but which is where you want to go;
I AM the love you try to hide, but which all can understand;
I AM the hate you still deny, though the blood is on your hands;
I AM the peace you're searching for, but you know you'll never find;
I AM the pain you can't endure, but which tingles in your mind.

Flame sucks between the balls of steel;
Nothing moves, the air itself congeals.....
Look at the flame if you want to,
Hear the sharp crack of the fission,
Smell the brief vapour of ozone,
Feel static motion!

I AM the joy you really pay for, but which comes completely free;

for the truth is you are me.

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