All alone in this world you don't want it
not anymore oh no
the cares of this world con choke you out
you got no direction you can't find your way out
trapped in the maze that you call life
you're not gonna make it until you see the light so bright
these walls you built them up yourself
locked from the inside
can you break your way out
which way is up which way its down
walking in circles you can't find your way around
but Jesus will find you
and He'll never let you go
Jesus will find you
He won't leave you standing all alone
He's gonna find you
and He'll never let you down
Jesus will find you He'll help you out what are you gonna do?
the ways of this world have let you down
you wanna make it but you don't know how
losing this game someone called life
you've had enough you've had it for the last time
so watch your back as you walk astray
turn around and walk the other way
you only wnat to live for you
someday I hope you get a clue but it's up to you

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