Raising my head to yell my life out
Standing naked, strained as a dying warm
With body of light glearning like my disquet
With miriads of stars not-to-be-seen

Here to cry the glossy anguish
Of souls dwelling in darkness that fell
My throat is DAATH, the seal is breaking
ZONAI screaming the vows of frozen winds
Of shapes winged - we should be left behind
We lightnings turned into pillars
Torn into shreds, in stillborn screams
Trembling with woes of flery cycles

PAZ - to be as they
Yea, I say, to be as they
On oath and order to be heard
A sigil and cypher to be seen
And that's the truth, you will taste it...

Etheric dimensions of cocoon sleepers
Waters, Earthes and Fyres not given to us
Mumbling the calls of Aires alone
Laying the tablets carved in flesh

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