Dark shadows at the end of the night
Mesmerised by the silver eye
Grey stone with the carved seals
I've found the forbidden gates!
The wolves carry my name
Subtle voice is summoning me fro afar
Listen to my words
This is my testimony
Creatures dreaming in the dark
Remember the time before the time
They're still waiting at the gates
Find the widsom in the starlight!
I have found the key
I have seen the lands which no map has ever charted
I have travelled among the stars
And trembled before the gods
I have raised the dead
Ans summoned the ghosts to the real apperance
I've known the widsom and possesed the power!
Conquer your fear - IA! ZI AZAG!
Chant incantation - IA! ZI AZKAK!
Call the ancient ones - IA! KHTULU ZI KUB!
Ready to rule the black earth once again - IA!

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