[Ced Gee]
Yo, this next joint, we never put out
Because like uhh, one of the engineers was gettin weeded up
And he, he kinda like erased, a majority of the song
So we just moved on
But it's so butter... I put it on here anyway
So check it out, it's Kool Keith on some solo shit
But once again, there's a big skip in the song
It's not the tape, nobody's messed up
This is what the engineer did when he got weeded up
and erased the track, so check it
[Kool Keith]
A lot of rappers are weak-whack, bullshit speak that
same ol' style, I think I heard it before
I'm steppin to you, through you, like you wasn't even there
Pissy rappers with Pampers, get out of my hair
Run to mommy and change, come back when you're ready boy
Stinging your small brains, rhymes that be steady boy
Toy, you're just a perfect decoy
to follow, learn, look, write, copy
You still ain't down, your fuckin rhymes are sloppy
Scrib-scrab, scriggledy scrab
Motherfucker with a crayon, coloring book out
You stop you look out, right beside with a rhyme I took out
Banging your brain cell, I'm hype and hyper
Ready and riper, but not that type of
whack MC, who try to fuck with me
So bring your stupid ass, and try your luck with me
I get busy and snapback, flashback
Smack back your crew and the sidekick motherfuckers you look whack
Step up black when I'm on center stage
Here's the mic, psych, go back, sit down
And stop perpetrating, because you're not that large
[Kool Keith: verse with tape edits - best guess]
You're like a small time rapper, frontin your big and
you and your boy, check out Keith diggin
Your rhymes are useless, shitty and senseless
You want a career, better yet you should end this
Stop and go twice homepiss what's wrong
Show me rhymes and hooks, oh that same ol' song
Awww shit, you think you're comin legit
Your rhyme a jumble of words, and half of them don't fit
You need to quit boy, jump up fetch sit boy
You're bitin my rhyme bone, like it's a play toy
You're starvin, takin rhymes hey Marvin
Here stupider brains I need to mold and carve and
every time you rhyme, keep your step and distance
D'ya know what you're doing, you need further assistance?
Rhyme hot blisters, takin your sisters
Deep in the love zone with all tongue twisters
Rock and roll, calypso, jazz
Like Brick was a funk band, fuck with Dazz
What'cha sayin, you wanna step on the hardwood
Rhymes'll beat you down like the back of a billy club
You bite and bite, just another silly dub
On cassette and tape decks, who got you the deal?
You wanna rhyme like me toy, now be for real
Walk off, step off, give me back the mic
Come in, step up, fuck around tonight
And stop perpetrating, because you're not that large
[Kool Keith]
I'ma say 'em again, over and over, powerful rhymes
The motherfucker ain't large
Tryin to diss man, yo homepiss man
Step in a rhyme jab, get hit with a fist mad
National, you fuck around with the champion
Show me that whack style plus that campeon
Stick and move, uppercut with a left rhyme
Damage ya brain, punch it out with a def rhyme
You're sleepin, stupid as you slept
And everytime you move, I take one more step
Further down the road, super rhymes a detour
Smoke is built up, but can you see more
I'm ready now, bring your ass on stage
Look around in your green book and turn the page
Aww, yeah, what, oh I thought so
You think you could rhyme, uh-uh, no no
Put the mic down, and listen how you sound
Writin bullshit, and cheap old metaphor
Your rhymes need homework, a grade and a better score
Zero, fuck around with the madman
Cause rappers like you, keep me happy and glad man
To pick up the microphone go solo
Grabbin your brain, crush it up like bolo
In a second, step aside as I'm wreckin
Takin, choppin, back to back, you whack rappers are over
Flippin like Rover, and out of a smooth rhyme, steppin all over
Back and forth with, go back play home
You comin with whack rhymes, go back stay home
Think about it - never lie to yourself
And stop perpetrating, because you're not that large

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