[Ced Gee]
Check it; this Ced Geeeeee
Bringin you the Ultramagnetic Basement Tapes, Volume 1
Dis song right here is like the first joint
Not the first joint we did together
We did a couple in the stu-dee-oh
But dis dah first joint we did in the crib
Cause we want that real dirty sound, so check it
"Make You Shake It"
[Kool Keith]
Sure shot, live the place to be Yankee Stadium the Boogie Down Bronx
Number one sure shot - comin at you live, wicked and wild
Somethin funky fresh for the human beings
Please adjust your safety hats, to go on the ride
Sure shot...
In the place, Ced Gee, Ultramagnetic MC's
Kool Keith in the house, it goes like this
Boogie Down Bronx, doin hip-hop
[Verse One: Kool Keith]
Every half of a tick, a pen, I'll choose the Bic
Yes the prompt rolling writer, for the top reciter
With the paper on the table I'm not your average biter
Incredible to see, for you to judge agree
Now I'm older with finesse, my style relate the best
But we done the super facts, superb I'm not whack
As I cruise upon the hill, the Bronx I'm out the 'Ville
While the indy look and stand, the bold shake my hand
Yes it's time to get heated, park a blue Sedan
Now it's all about her, her friend I would prefer
Do the kid much respect, because they call me sir
You're the famous rhyme teller, mine the drill dweller
Proficient you are; indeed, a fortune teller
Palm reader and defeater, frankly through your tweeter
My perpetual game to make you feel shame
Perhaps some brain competition, a higher paid admission
Kool Keith's on a journey, students please listen
Make you shake! Make-make-make-make-make-make you shake
Make-make-make-make you shake (Boogie Down)
[Verse Two: Ced Gee]
The tempo of this party, will always affect
My phrases and style, will always connect
The beat to the rhythm, and make you crash your hands
As regardless to the thought there is no garbage cans
Make you shake! Boogie Down
[Kool Keith]
Make-make-make-make-make-make-make-make-make-make-make-make make you shake
[Ced Gee]
Cutmaster! Devestator!
I'll make you shake
[Kool Keith]
Make make you shake
[Verse Three: Kool Keith]
Stuck in a move, the feet's, got the groove
Now you stimulated ready the beats gyratin steady
At a megawatt level, bold to kill the devil
With exam-ious reading against myself competing
It's the wizard of the world, rough and stampeding
Every fighting ear temper, half a slighting rapper
Would evacuate the town, descend and drop down
Whereas Hurricane Keith would blow and come around
Like a vandalizing tutor, a programmed computer
When I'm drilling in your brain, my job at Roto Rooter
Is forming incision, slicing in division
And commoding every nerve, with language to serve
As the basic fundamental, smooth and ex-stential
Dictate it digit-ly, and also exclusively
Created by the best, I'm here to express
Cause I'm not one to know what Double K express
Make you shake!
Make-make-make-make-make-make-make-make you shake
Make you shake (Boogie Down)
[Verse Four: Ced Gee]
Now the steady beat controlling, your ears now going
With the flow of the voice you thought this style was lost
But it's back to inflict, affects with steady kicks
In-ful-gating frustrating, and administrating
Who stands in rap, Ced Gee is demo-strating
Impotent to yo' brain, discrete and not the same
Methods and skill I display, upon bass
Explosive, I'm loaded, my style is so devoted
To slaying other rappers, the ones the skill lackers
Extremely gifted, I'm makes a pro a living
That my syllables are chosen, made to cause erosion
Damage all cells in minds, I cause explosion
Ex-spellish, the crowd, me and my pal
Kool Keith, Ced Gee
I'll make you shake
[Kool Keith]
Make you shake... make you shake
[Ced Gee]
Cutmaster! Devestator!
I'll make you shake
[Kool Keith: "make you shake" repeated ad lib to end]

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