The world through his eyes is like twisted
As a thin London rain in his discontents pour down on him
And ragin clouds press his thoughts in a vice of blue
Grief and black agony.

Can't find my dreams in the darkest night without you
In my romance, without you
As a thin London rain glides away, I couldn't explain to myself what he wants
What he seeks

Reading in his eyes is like observing the frame of a picture
Disowning it's canvas with the oil-paints fallen down in the darkness of oblivion.

All he wishes is a burst of lonely words,
vegetate in a hell of talkin' eyes.
You wear your life
A fancy-dress for masses
An evidence of your thoughts
You don't want but you feel alone

He's waiting for long
Silence around
Only the noise of his time passing by
Just a trick of the light blinded him for all these grey days discovering all his hope

Absent-mindedness draws away from his pursuit
And he becomes just an actor of himself
This rain doesn't stop
If you want, can change your dress
But you can't deny that you are already wet

Let your spirit free
Through windows of your mind
No! You can't deny you're already...

Please tell me that what you are
Ever screams stronger than
What you just want to appear.
Please tell me now what you are
Ever screams stronger than
What you just want to appear.

Moon and sun passed their days lightning his eyes
Over his head
Only the noises of the time just passing by.
He crashes to the ground for the first time

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