I heard a leaves whisper
In the cold autumn fores
When we were standing near
The bonfire and we were

Crossing our swords
Over its flame
I heard a peals of thunder
In the evening twilights
I saw a dying sun
Changing by Silver moonlight...

For Dying!
For Crying!
For Native Land!
For Profaned Fate!

Damned cross like a black shadow
Has came to my Land
Everybody under this shadow either starts to lie or die...
But better die standing with proudly holding up head
Than live kneeling with the mask of hypocrisy...

I heard peals of thunder
In the evening twilightsZ
I saw a dying sun
Changing by the silver moonlight
Wind brought to my earing
Wolf's wailing, lone and yearning

It was early in the morning
When I was sitting by the purling stream
And I was thinking...of my nation
Suddenly I heard the summon
"Time, Brothers! It's our time!"
We were straddling our horses
And we were to take
Our swears into Reality....

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