Between the war and apocalypse,
A crowd of us doesnґt fit,
Standing here with ahnds on hips
In a ditch by the super-highway

Terrorists on a tourist trip,
The pacifist bombsquad blown to bits,
Iґm wondering what makes me tick
And I feel foolish singing My Way

Generation Y with a jaundiced eye,
I donґt know what Iґm doing here,
Motivate and make us grow,
Let it go and watch us die
Generation Y with a wounded eye.

In a post-modern shed
On the edge of the town
The workforce rallies with a weary frown
All they want to do is burn it down
Sick of this and a week to payday,
Taking orders from a sacred cow
A revolution with an empty round,
Jesus Christ wouldnґt draw a crowd,
I slept like a pig through Mayday

Gen Y.....

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