This christ is full of sins he can't repent upon his crucifix so innocent he trembles at the thought of nails
digging in his flesh again for he knows... he's just a man still I watch him
BURN in his jesus christ complex BURN within himself BURN in his jesus christ complex he'll burn ETERNALUX
In daylight this saint he lies and mourns within his house of worship, crown of thorns release is never easy
from his self inflicted pity and my hate becomes more pretty as I'm scorned
Repeat chorus 2xs
VIRGIN MARY I feel the need to WHORE myself again I am, I can
We KISS, I can't RESIST everything about you is so... everything about US is so SICK S8N-666 why are we so
SICK? why are you so SICK? why am I so SICK? we are so perfect I am not perfect... I'M SICK
In darkness this sinner will confess trapped inside his own self righteousness faithless as he sleeps he'll
wake and won't remember anything but everything has changed... remained the same
Repeat chorus 2xs
You burn for me I'll burn for you you'll burn for me eternally together we will BURN...I told the truth and
truth is eternal

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