It always seems to hard to tell me the truth,
Im sick of standing here, listening to your excuse,
At least you could try when you tell me those lies,
Another day, another lie, another wondering eye,

You make the sign's to easy to tell,
And I can tell your doing someone else,
What good is hope now?
When our relationship is all torn down,

So just get out and leave
Cause deep down you'll always deceive,
Im trying to escape the lies
Another day, another lie, and you wonder why,

Ever since I was young,
I've been searching for that perfect someone,
I thought that person was you,
But you were to good to be true,

But there's too much to get through,
I know, you'll always be you,
Deep down I wish that you could stay,
But you're breaking my heart, more everyday,

With every minute I waste with your lies,
The clearer I see through your disguise,
The more, the more you try to hide,
Another day, another lie…………

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