(feat. Mac, Magic)
Dear heavenly father.
What about niggas like me?
Do we make it to the golden gates?
Cause I don't wanna be stuck in this motherfucker.
I always wondered is there a place
for the bad guys to go after they checked out.
This lifetime nigga.
Is there a heaven for a thug?
Check it.
Is there a heaven for a thug
Up above
Mama, please show a nigga love [x4]
I used to question what am I here for
Back in the days the game nigga I'd die for
Livin my life for petty nickles I'm hustlin, born to be seen thuggin
Young nigga so pussy for Magic was never trouble
Knuckleheads, just messin up my plans for the future
But see habit is hard to change and I'm doin just what I'm used to
Satisfied cause all these worldly things impress me
The sounds of havin a presidential really upsets me
Devotin all my time to livin the wrong way
Smokin on multiple blunts and sippin on alazay
My friends convicted felons
Birds of a same feather flock together
That's what my grandma used to tell us
Peer pressure, little nigga, livin life like a thug
Just understand that these the only niggas show me love
I see the picture but it's not clear
If there's a heaven for a thug then why am I still here
My lord
Is there a heaven for a thug
Up above
Mama please show a nigga love [x4]
I was a long way from heaven or so they told me
In the eyes of the reverend I was unholy
Seen death around the corner by my partner and them house
At first hand I was tought close your motherfuckin mouth
Little one, I was young but I wasn't stupid
I heard what he said, don't nobody gotta loop it
It was the liquor in me at twelve that made this nigga rebel
I was tryin to be grown, plus keep up with them Jones (what)
But life slapped me in them yappers
And it said nigga you seen alot you need to be a rapper
And I was told ain't no rest for the wicked
I guess I can't sleep cause I fuck hoes and kick it
But that's some other shit, I beg the man to forgive me, I'm only a youth
Still runnin from the troops in these Timbaland boots
Went from hand me down's to versace suits
Infatuated by this rap game, jeeps and coots
Is there a heaven for a thug
Up above
Mama please show a nigga love [x4]
I hear a knock at my door, who is it
I hope it aint judgement day cause if it is then I'm finished
If thugs don't go to heaven then I know that I'm up shit creek
Forgive me Lord but I was only tryin to stay on my feet
I gotta question, why is life so goddamn hard
So many laws, so many flaws, I'm just askin you Lord
Every soul I took deserved it
I never killed a man over petty bullshit
You fuck with me or my fam and I'll be damned if I don't put him to rest
So will I burn eternally just cause I failed your test
When the Lord is my shepard and I shall not walk
I'm runnin hard toward the light tryin to get out the dark
I'm tryin to change cause I know you got a spot for me
I need AC and hell's just too hot for me
So put my name on my wings written in blood
And when I come section me off with the rest of my thugs
Is there a heaven for a thug
Up above
Mama please show a nigga love [x4]

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