Featuring Magic

(C Murder talking)

Check this out my nigga.
I've been a hot boy for a long motherfuckin' time ya heard me.
It was cool for a minute but shit I gotta jump up out this shit.
Free from murder attempts on my life you know.
I got a family to feed you know.
I'm trying to jump about the game.

(Chours x2)
Hail mary
Hail mary please help me I wanna live
And forgive me for the dirt that I did
I been a thug since I was born
And nuttin' change but I been trapped in this game too long

Verse 1 (C-Murder)

Hail Mary
Freak or murder attempts on my life
And my soul is gettin cold and I'm facin' parole
Heavy gangsters looking burry
But who can I tell from my cell to hell, don't let me die in jail
One foot up in the grave and my back against a brick wall
I'm having dreams about a image trying to kill us all
I count my blessing but I'm stressin', Smith N Wesson
Fool testing my nuts, I'm still throwing them up
And spitting blind rounds at my shadow, tweekin' for drama
I found a call from my momma, she don't want me around
And everything I touch seem to turn cold
And every nigga that I hang with don't grow too old
Hail mary

(Chours x2)

Verse 2: (C-Murder)

Two elevens got me sweatin', will I lose my rights
Convicted fellon with 187, facin' twenty five to life
I'm just another lil' nigga ready to ride on dem bustas
Like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder why I trust ya
Use to hustle for fun nigga, a young nigga, dumb nigga
Now they got me on the motherfuckin' run nigga
I used to laugh at them other niggas runnin' from the cops
Now these bitch niggas sweatin' my block
My ghetto dreams got me wishing for a quarter bird or something
I ask them ballers but them niggas ain't frontin
It's rest in peace in my future, how long will I live
Hail mary please forgive me for the dirt that I did

(Chorus x2)

Verse 3: (Magic)

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