Its 5 O'clock And The Sun Wakes Me
Layin In With A Girl That Don't Belong To Me
For Your Respect Darling Lats G Round Two
And The She Go Starts Kissin Me Th Sun Rises Then I Move
Now She Got Ts Dumbest Look On Ha Face Like Wut Have She Done
How Could She Be So Stupid To Think She Was The One
Must've Lost The Track Of Time
Man This Girl Was Fine
From The Club Went From Ha Home
She Didn't Want To Be Alone
Here I Am Trickin While Ma Girl Lays At Home
Gotta Fine My Car Keys So I Can Get Up Out The Door
She Stood There And Wonderin
She Aid Don't Leave That Way
Looked At Me Like I Was Crazy
And I Got Up And Walked Away
Man I Got A Wife At Home
And She Said
Ooohh I'm Scared
And Now I'm On Ma Way Home
After Someone Was Here
Shush Shush Quiet
I'm Nervous As Hell While I'm Drivin
Can't Make A Sound
Cuz I Know I'm Goin Down
What Ima Say When She Ask Me Where I Been
Ima Say I Fell Asleep And Was Smokin Too Much Dough
Sh*T She On Know I'm Lyin
So I Cop Me Some Febreeze And Sprayed Around
Then I Walked Ma Crazy Ass Up In The House
And I Walked In And Yelled I'm Home
She Said Honey I'm In The Room
I Walkd In There With A Smile On Ma Face
And Said Honey I Been Missin You
She Hopped All Ova Me And Said She Cooked And Ran Ma Bath Water
I'm Tellin Ya Now I Ain't Smell No Food
She Deserves An Oscar
I Threw In The Bed And Started To Scratch Ha Clothes Off
Thinkin To Ma Self Trey Songz You "G" You Puled It Off
You Ain't Gon Believe It But Things Get More Crazy As The Story Goes On
We Touchin, Kissin And Listen
That Its Not Her Phone
Should've Seen The Look I Had On Ma Face
She Tried To Hold Me Back
But She Knew It Was Too Late
I Hopped Off And Said Theres A Mystery And 'm Goin To Solve It
And I'm Like God Please Let No Man Be Up In Ma Closet
I Walk In The Bathroom
Look Behind The Door
She Said Baby Come Back To Bed
And I Said B*Tch Say No More
I Pulled Back The Curtains And Shes Biting Her Nails
Then I Walk Back To The Room
Now I'm Sweatin Like Hell
I Check Unda The Bed
Then Unda The Dresser
I Look At The Closet
Get Ma Gat Out The Dresser
I Look Back At The Closet
Get Closer To The Closet
Now I'm At The Closet
Now I'm Openin The Closet

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