Giving up is the last thing I want
The last thing I need
Is this a dream?
Watching the vampires feast
On their prey eating them out eating them alive
It's like a movie in my mind
Something that seems so real
But its not it's just a figment of my imagination
But it took my mind somewhere else
And took it to a place
Somewhere I don't know
They said that it is where the blood makes the grass grow
Where two wrongs don't make a right
And people will put on a freak show
Where is this place?
I want to find it

I could have swore it was right over there
Cursing my mind with the map of my destiny
It's a scare a fright to my mind its something I just cant resist
Can't just fight
Can't just find

Now its useless so ineffective
What is the point of you being here
I was on the journey
Hoping to stay out of the clear
This is not fair

Absolute Imbalance to which I can't stand
A horrible dream to the extreme
Something that I hate yet can't understand how do I figure It out?
Yet can anyone stand the wisdom I bring?
Overdose on the pace to break the truce
You made with, within me

This place is somewhere near
So close yet so far
Within my grasp clutching nothing but air
I could have swore it was there
I wont give up I know you're out there
Appearing out of nowhere
The camera's stare
At me

When will all this end?

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