Tonight???‚¬?¦ you know you will be sitting on your bed
And you will be holding your pillow close to your chest
And wish it were me pressing against your chest but its not.

Well at least not yet someday we will see each other everyday

Everyday every time???‚¬?¦ everyday every time
Love is not a crime when its Romeo and Juliet
Two lovers that are made for each other at best

Your face glimmers in my eyes your mind collides with mine
Your hopes and my passions meet eye to eye and become one
You and I will have this relationship won

We don't fight we don't argue we get along great and that's a fact
Of me and you
Having a lot in common is good when there is plenty more to learn
And when our love is still around and cupid strikes again in a blur
And then disappears and reappears around when times curve

Tonight or tomorrow we will remain tonight or tomorrow nothing will change
Tonight is our love tomorrow is eternity

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